Mar 5, 2014

February 2014 Favorites

Is it considered hoarding if we're talking makeup collection? I'm going to go ahead and tell myself no, it's just a collection; some people collect stamps, I collect makeup. Okay, I feel better now. I finally broke down and picked up the holy grail of blemish erasers—Mario Badescu's drying lotion, and as if I don't have enough lip products, I've been rotating orangey-red lips with nude lips thanks to Nars and Urban Decay. Yeah, the new Urban Decay "Naked" line of lipglosses are for your lips what the Naked palettes do for your eyes.
  1. Big Sexy Hair Spray & Play Hairspray—Non-sticky, fast drying and volumizing? Yeah, this hairspray does all of that. I tend to use this spray when I've straightened my hair because it's flexible and volume is key when my hair is straight. Plus, Ulta usually puts it on sale.
  2. Hickory Ridge Organics Clear Skin mask—I picked up this dry face mask about a year ago in St. Augustine, but the company sells online as well. All you do is mix the powder with enough water to make a paste, then smear on your face. My skin always feels so fresh and so clean,clean. Too far? Maybe so, but still; this mask is great and it doesn't expire, so no wasting or having to throw out a product because it expired.
  3. Origins Plantscription Serum—I had originally gotten a travel sample size of this serum and I just didn't try it...for a while. That was the first stupid moment I've had with this serum. Once I tried it I fell in LOVE. I don't know what it is about this serum, but my skin loves it. The second stupid moment? I didn't check the price tag until I looked at my receipt AFTER I swiped my card. Here's to hoping the bottle lasts two years.
  4. NYX Spanish Rose Baked Blush—I can honestly say, I don't think I've ever used a drugstore blush before, at least none that I can remember. NYX, however, lured me in with a cute little display at Ulta, and easy/adorable packaging. The clasp is a bow, I mean...seriously. This baked blush rivals my favorite blushes from Nars and Benefit. It's that awesome.
  5. Laura Mercier Universal Pressed Powder—At first, I didn't like this pressed powder after I purchased it, but once I switched to a big, fluffy face brush to dust it over my face, it's now a whole lot better. With a dense brush or the applicator that comes with it, the powder goes on my skin too heavy and ends up still looking white instead of blending into my skin. The fluffy brush makes a world of difference.
  6. Origins Mega-Bright Dark Circle minimizer eye cream—At the same time I found the world's most expensive serum, I also found this new eye cream. It's akin to the Ginzing eye cream, but it has more of a champagne glow to it than the very pink look of the Ginzing cream. I thought I loved the Ginzing eye cream, but I can apply this Mega-Bright eye cream on makeup free days and it doesn't make my undereyes look pink. Everyone wins with this eye cream.
  7. Urban Decay Walk of Shame Naked Lipgloss—I've already bought two of these lipglosses in the past two months—they are that good. I've never known a lipgloss to be moisturizing, until now. They aren't sticky or goop-ey, they are moisturizing and the range of nude colors are great.
  8. Nars Wonder Lipgloss— Red lipcolor in lipgloss form with great color payoff? Need I say more?
  9. OPI You Don't Know Jacques— I've been loving this color as an inbetween seasons kind of color. The extremely dark shades are a bit too dark now that the seasons are changing here in Florida, but I also know the bright spring and summer colors are too bold. This dark neutral is a great tweener shade.
  10. Lancome La Base Primer—Ah! I mentioned this primer on Facebook as soon as I knew it was a forever relationship with us; and I am still just as obsessed with this primer now as I was then.
  11. Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser— After being sold out everywhere for at least a month, I finally got my hands on this primer. I can't say it would replace my Lancome primer, but it is good stuff, and for the price point it beats out all the other drugstore primers I've tried..
  12. Bath & Body Works Noir Body Wash— I am not a fan of girly, frou-frou, floral scents for body wash or lotion by any means, so I finally got the bright idea to go sniff the men's body washes at B&BW and I didn't walk away empty handed. The noir scent isn't too manly or overwhelming, it just leaves you smelling clean, which I love.
  13. Mario Badescu Drying LotionGet this in your life now. I honestly know why everyone says how amazing this product is for drying out blemishes. You're no beauty queen when you've got it on your face, but it's all worth it the next morning when you wake up and you struggle to find the blemish that was going to ruin your life the night before.
  14. Nars Heatwave Matte Lipstick— This lipstick is great alone and it's great with the wonder lipgloss over top, which takes it from a matte finish to a shine. It is a little difficult to apply because it's matte, so I don't recommend applying without a mirror, but it doesn't wear off funny, so one application will last you a while.
  15. Boscia Bright White Mask— Am I obsessed with face masks this month? Yeah, pretty much. This one is great for brightening your skin, helping with dark spots and evening out skin tone. Plus, it's a peel-off mask and it actually peels off in one piece if you go slow enough.
  16. Boscia Luminizing Black Mask— Another great Boscia mask, only this one is for cleaning out pores and helping fight breakouts. I have been rotating the three masks mentioned in this favorite posts because I just can't decide which one is my favorite. Maybe I'll never know.


  1. How often did you do the number 2 product?

    1. About once or twice a month. If I have a mask that has an expiration date on it, like one from Lush, I'll use that first, then switch back to this one since it doesn't expire.


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