Mar 6, 2014

Thursday Trio

If I had to choose the one thing I love most about Pinterest, it would be the endless supply of hair, makeup and fashion inspirations. I've had my hair colored and cut based on pictures I've found; I've tried new makeup looks, and I've pieced clothing items together that I would never have dreamed of wearing at the same time.

So, here's what I'm loving off good ol' Pinterest this week:

One. Lauren Conrad's uber blonde ombre poufed to perfection and sealed with beachy waves.

Two. Mila Kunis (Future Mrs. Kutcher)  and her smoldering eyes.

Three. I am so obsessed with red lips lately; pair it with a flawless face and I'm over the moon!

What have you seen on Pinterest that you're dying to try? Send me Pins!

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