Apr 14, 2014

Weekend At a Glance

This weekend was the first truly gorgeous weekend we've had since Spring officially sprung. The weather was a humidity free 80 degrees (perfection) and I spent almost every waking hour out on the porch enjoying cocktails and a good book.
Friday evening called for a Raspberry Sweet Tea—the adult version. 1/2 Simply Lemonade w/ Raspberry, 1/2 Firefly Sweet Tea vodka and shake with ice. Pour into glass and add an  umbrella straw for a little something extra.
Saturday morning, I literally rolled out of bed, through Starbucks and back onto a lounge chair. I spent the entire day outside and finished the book I had started the evening before. Mad Love is a perfect pool or beach read and I now feel like I need to plan a tropical island vacation after reading. Oh, and I'm obsessed with ABM app, which I used for the text on the photo above.
After a leisurely morning of coffee sipping out on the porch, I headed down into our small little downtown area for a family friend's book signing. The weather was absolutely perfect. "Sunny and 75" was buzzing around in my head the entire time we were outside.
Last night, I found Joey smack in the middle of my bed and looking more than comfortable. He was not happy when he realized he needed to share the bed.

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