May 1, 2014

Summer Reading

I pride myself on my love for reading, but I'll be honest—I hated assigned summer reading. Hamlet was nowhere near as intriguing as a fun beach read, and most times I saved the boring books for the very last week before school started again. Put me out by the pool or in a chair on the beach, and I can have a beach inspired novel finished by the time the sun sets.

Last year, I posted my Top 10 Beach Reads, and those still hold true. If you haven't read them, you must add them to your list. This year, however, I decided to post reviews as I finish reading books. That way, you'll have a good list of books to pull recommendations from before vacation starts. Each book on the list will pair nicely with an ice cold margarita, topped with an umbrella straw.

Traveling abroad this summer? You must read The Expats.

As for my list of books, which must be enjoyed while you're parked in a beach chair, with a drip castle built next to you, and your feet scrunched down into the sand? I'll be posting new books as soon as I finish reading them.

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