Jun 6, 2014

Summer Reads: Ten Beach Road

For me, reading is a way to transport myself from where ever I'm sitting to somewhere I can only picture in my imagination. I've always loved reading for that reason. It helps me get out of my own head, and into someone else's for a bit. I can forget about the bad day I had, put off the laundry a bit longer and escape from my own thoughts—all thanks to a good book. Beach reads are perfect for that great escape. I can be sitting in a chair in Starbucks, but my head can be in St. Pete Beach watching the sun set across the gulf.

That's exactly what happened when I read, Ten Beach Road, by Wendy Wax. I was drawn to its locale; I've been visiting Tampa and the Clearwater area since I was a kid. I wanted the Don Cesar to be my pink castle (okay I still do). Then, as I began reading, I was hooked by the characters and their "pick myself up by my bootstraps and keep going" attitude. Throw in the remodeling of a huge beachside mansion and 48 hours later I'm done with the book.

If you keep HGTV going on repeat, love the beach and the intricacies of being a woman and all that we're capable of handling, you will love this book. I wasn't joking about having it read in 48 hours.

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