Jun 30, 2014

Sun Goddess

It's summertime, the living is easy, and if you're semi close to any body of water you're on it as much as possible. If there's one thing I've learned from living in Florida my entire life, it's the importance of sunscreen. Not just the product itself, but the UVA and UVB protection, the SPF level and the most important of all—reapplication. Your sunscreen only works as well as you do. So, if you apply SPF 50 at 9am before heading to the beach, but then never reapply the entire day, chances are, you're going to look like a lobster ready to be plated for dinner.

There is this "Sun Goddess" ideology that in order to be a Sun Goddess you don't need sunscreen or maybe just the lowest SPF coverage. It's actually the complete opposite. You know all those girls you see with the perfect shade of brown to their skin? They all use sunscreen to their advantage to achieve their tan. If not, they'd be sunburned to a crisp. Long gone are the days of slathering baby oil all over, and laying out to bake in the sun.

It's easy to get a tan and be smart about it too. For me, I always choose a face specific sunscreen with SPF 30 and UVA and UVB blocking. I love both the Coppertone and Hawaiian Tropic face sunscreens. I cover my entire face, neck and tops of my ears with this suncreen. If I'm wearing light makeup that day, I always apply the sunscreen under my makeup.

Next, I'll use an SPF of anywhere from SPF 8 for a pool day under the screen enclosure to SPF 30 if I'm at the beach. I've noticed and read that there isn't much difference between SPF 30 or the higher SPFs of 50, 70 or 90. It truly comes down to the re-application of the sunscreen and whether you're dilligent. For pool days, I love Coppertone's SPF 8 Tanning Lotion. The screen enclosure blocks a high percentage of the sun's rays, so I can go with a slightly lower SPF as long as I reapply when I get out of the pool.

The beach is a whole different story. This year, Neutrogena released a Beach Defense sunscreen, and it's amazing. It's "beach strength broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection" and water resistant up to 80 minutes. I apply the lotion version first to make sure I cover every inch of exposed skin with sunscreen. Then, for touch ups I'll use the spray version.

Once I get out of the shower, I always apply Australian Gold's Moisture Lock lotion. It has aloe and Vitamin E to put moisture back into your skin. Plus, it smells really good. I actually use this lotion year round as my daily body lotion.

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