Jul 28, 2014

Natural Eyes

If you were to hold my feet to the fire and demand I tell you which eyeshadow palette I couldn't live without for the absolute rest of my life, my answer would be the Natural Eyes palette by Too Faced Cosmetics. I'd also hope you wouldn't actually hold my feet to the fire, but that's another conversation I suppose. Do I love other palettes with similiar neutral, brown, bronze-y shadows? Of course I do. This one, however, is great due to it's simplicity and if I could only recommend one palette for anyone and everyone in the world, I'd suggest this one.
The palette contains both matte and shimmer shades, nine in total. My absolute favorite shade in the entire palette is push-up, the shade in the very middle of the palette. I use it every single day as my all over the lid color. Too Faced also supplies "Look Books" with each of their palettes, which provides steps to get three different looks. The palette is organized based on the looks in the booklet that comes with the palette, which takes the guess work out of getting ready. If you want to get really crazy, like I do, all the colors work really well together, so you can skip around and apply anything together and not feel like you have to follow the organization of the palette. The price point is great ($36 for nine shades), the formula is long-wearing and great pigment. The shadows are like velvet; they are so soft and smooth as you apply them to your lid.
There is a great range of colors, so you can pack this for a trip and not need anything else at all. This palette can take you from day-to-night with an extra swipe of sexspresso or erotica. Yep, those are the real names; can't make this stuff up folks. Personally, I've taken this palette, and nothing else, for a bachelorette party weekend and wedding weekend, and never felt like I was missing something. My favorite combo is to put push-up all over my lid, add chocolate martini to my crease, then add a bit of sexspresso to the outer corner of my eye. Last touch is a black eyeliner and mascara.
Products used:
Urban Decay Naked Lip Gloss in Walk of Shame

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  1. Love that eye makeup on you! Looks gorgeous :) Wish I could pull off eyeshadows. Sadly, I never get it right. :( Could you also review Vain Pursuits? I'd love to hear what you have to say abt them!

    1. Aw, it only takes practice! I used to not be able to get my eyeshadow done right either but hey, it takes a wee bit of time, that's all ;) Otherwise tutorials help a lot too! I haven't heard of Vain Pursuits but am going to check them out now!

    2. Valerie, practice makes perfect—and some time at makeup counters with an expert helps too. When I wanted to master the smoky eye, I scheduled an appointment at the MAC counter for someone to do my makeup, and had them explain each step as they went. It was the best thing I ever did! I've never heard of Vain Pursuits, but I'll definitely check them out.


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