Jul 9, 2014

Summer Reads: Save the Date

There is seriously nothing better than dropping your butt in a beach chair, digging your toes into the sand and reading a great book inches from the ocean. (The only thing that could make it any better is a cabana boy and a cocktail.) A few weekends ago, that's exactly what I did. Life has been crazy busy lately with work and personal life and I wasn't getting any "me" time, which I really need in order to survive. I had been gone several weekends in a row, just kept re-packing the same bag every time I would leave, and the laundry wasn't getting done during the week. The bathroom hadn't been deep cleaned like I would normally do and the bedroom was a disaster zone. I didn't care though, I needed to sit and chill for a bit and I knew that wasn't going to happen out by the pool. Instead, I packed a mini cooler, beach chair and a beach bag and headed to New Smyrna Beach for a solo day trip. It was exactly what I needed.

I had pre-purchased Mary Kay Andrews' Save the Date on my iPad, so it auto downloaded on release day, and I had gotten through a few chapters, but life took over. Then, the night before I left for the beach, I found a signed copy at my local Target. You know I scooped that baby up. Next day, I read the entire book from cover to cover. Andrews makes you feel as if you're walking around Savannah with the characters, and if you've ever visited the southern town, you'll know many of the streets and locations used in the book. I loved the characters, the plot had a few unusual twists that I wasn't actually expecting and it let me escape my crazy, stressed out mental space I had been living in. As with all Mary Kay Andrews' books, this one is a must read.

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