Aug 27, 2014

August Favorites

It's so hard to try new products during this extreme heat wave we've been having, so I've been relying on some tried and true products.
  1. Bath & Body Works noir lotion: I'm not going to lie, I really don't like frou-frou smelling lotion or body wash, so a while back, I wandered over to the men's side of Bath & Body Works. I've been using the noir sent every since. It just has a clean, refreshing scent that isn't overwhelming. I'll use the body wash as bubble bath as well
  2. Gap Dream Body Spray: This scent reminds me of middle school, and was probably the first "perfume" I ever wore. Lately, it's been great for a cooling refreshment with a clean scent after a run or just being outside in general right now.
  3. MAC Opulash: I can't say enough good things about this mascara. Before I tried this one, I had one that started to melt in the heat, and I would feel my top and bottom lashes stick. Florida is no bueno during the summer. The Opulash mascara is great though. The brush is really nice, no clumping and most importantly—it stays put!
  4. Paul Mitchell Hot Off the Press Thermal Protectant Hairspray: This is a tried and true, tested favorite of mine. It not only protects your hair from heat styling, but it has more of a grab to it since it's actually hairspray. So, heat and humidity's got nothin' on my curls with this stuff. It's not thick or crunchy feeling either; very light and gets the job done.
  5. Hot Tools 1 1/4 inch curling iron: This is my all-time favorite curling iron, but I had put it away because I had been using my curling wand a lot. When I discovered I could use this curling iron like a wand, and just not use the clamp, I've had some of the best beachy waves ever. It's not as tight of a hold as the curling wand, but it's great for a very relaxed look.
  6. Caudelie Beauty Elixir: I will fully admit, I only purchase the small bottle because the sticker shock of the big bottle is just too much! However, this spray is fantastic. I love the way my skin feels afterward, it's refreshing and cooling, and helps beat the heat.
  7. Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Boheme: I'm not into spending $35 on a lipstick by any means, but when this came in a free sample from Nordstrom, I of course tried it, and then fell in love. I try to use it sparingly because I want it to last forever, but I love it, so I use it—all the time. It's a great, light wash of color, that's perfect for summer and fall.
  8. OPI Carpool in the Cable Car Lane: This is the only color I've been wearing lately. It's a great transitional color from summer to fall. It's dark enough to be a fall color, but it's purple enough that it doesn't look black, which is great for the end of summer.

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