Aug 18, 2014


Purse: Target; Scarf: J. Crew Factory; Flats: Target; T-shirt: Loft; Jeans: Old Navy; Necklace: Alex & Ani
I'm the type of person that has to always be working on something and I feel like a lazy bum if I actually take the time to relax. I know that's not always good, and can lead to burn out, but I know when I'm getting extremely close to the red zone, and always find a way to pull back just in time.

When I allow life to get too crazy, my outfits push into the quick and easy realm. The other day I was set to walk out the door in my white t, skinny jeans and nude flats, when I realized how plain my outfit looked. So, without even thinking, I threw on a camo scarf and was out the door. It's still quick and easy, but never plain.

How do you spruce up a plain outfit on the go?

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