Aug 8, 2014

Updated P.M. Skincare Routine

I'm an absolute stickler about my skincare routine. It's the time in my day that's all about me. I don't see it as something I have to do; I see it more as a time I get to pamper myself and not have to think about anything else. The time I spend taking care of my skin is 10-15 minutes I get to ignore my phone, tomorrow's to do list and the dirty dishes in the sink.

If I'm not running after work, I'll come home and immediately change into pjs (yes, that's a true statement). Then, I use a makeup removing wipe (Josie Maran wipes are my favorite) to remove my stubborn eye makeup first. After that, I'll pinch out a little bit of Dark Angels cleanser into my palm and mix with some water to make a scrubby paste. It's exfoliating enough to give my skin a deep clean and works wonders on my oily skin, but it's not too harsh that I can't use it as my daily cleanser.

After I rinse my face completely, I use the Zero Oil toner from Origins all over my face. I love the clean scent and the way my skin feels afterward. My skin has that squeaky clean feeling without feeling too tight or dried out.

Next, I always apply my eye cream. I like to get concentrated products on my skin first; that way they can start working and not have to fight through layers of other products. I honestly can't live without A Perfect World eye cream. After that, I use the Plantscription serum all over my face and top with Night-a-mins cream.

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