Sep 15, 2014

Feeling Ghoulish

Normally, I don't get all wrapped up in Halloween decorations. It always seemed to make more sense to decorate for the fall season, which carries me all the way from September to after Thanksgiving. That all changed when I walked into Target on Friday night and the beam shown down from heaven on the Dollar Spot. First off, if you've never taken the time to gander at the items in the Dollar Spot, you're seriously missing out. Second, I think it's the smartest move Target has ever made. (the Tom's collaboration this Christmas season might top the Dollar Spot though.) Not only is everything $3 or less, but it's good stuff.

I wasn't looking for Halloween decorations or any decorations for that matter, but there was almost an entire aisle dedicated to fall and Halloween decorations, so I new I had to peruse. I found jack-o-lantern string lights for $3, window clings for $1 and some other fun items. Everything pictured cost me $9 + tax. If you're a teacher looking to decorate your classroom, a college student or newly graduated into the real world with a strict budget, check out the Dollar Spot at Target. You can find stuff all year long, decorations for any and every holiday and great little gifts to drop in the mail to friends when it strikes your fancy.

One tip, the section at my Target tends to  deplete quickly, so check often and if you see something you want, just buy it. The changes of the same item being there on the next shopping trip isn't always reliable.

Not a sponsored post; I just really love Target's Dollar Spot.

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