Sep 8, 2014

You, Me, Oui!


September, already? I honestly don't know where the time goes anymore. My mom always warned me, "the older you get, the faster time goes." I never quite believed her; mainly because I can't imagine how time could go by faster when I work over 40 hours a week, and have pretty much the same routine everyday as I did the last. To me, that seems like time would pass slower, and every now and then I run into those days that just don't seem to end.

Overall, my mom was right. Time does move a lot faster now than it ever has before, especially during the fall and winter months. Summer was busy of course, but fall and winter are always substantially busier at work, and my social calendar tends to fill up with birthdays, parties and after work get togethers. I love easy outfits that transition from work to after work. Faux leather leggings are a gift from the legging gods. They instantly dress up any graphic t. Throw on a chunky necklace, and you're out the door.

As soon as I saw this shirt in Old Navy (get it now while it's $11), I knew I had to pair it with leggings and leopard flats. I felt so Parisian when I wore it. I'm sure this is nothing like what the Parisians actually wear, but it's what I would wear if I were in Paris on vacation, so there's that.

Hope everyone has a fantastic Monday, and an even better week!

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