Oct 27, 2014

Halloween Sweet Treats

Holidays provide any and every excuse for me to put together cute, little gifts for those around me. Since most of us are a bit too old to be going around neighborhoods door-to-door begging asking for candy at Halloween, I like to put together fun candy buckets. It's a win-win; I get to spend some time treating those around me and they get to enjoy candy without stealing it from children.
These little treat buckets were so easy to make and easy on the wallet as well. The striped jack-o-lantern pails, black and orange baker's twine and chalkboard tags all came from the Dollar Spot at Target and the variety bag of candy came from the normal candy aisle (not the Halloween candy aisle) because it was just the right size (with some extras left over for me to enjoy as well). I spent less than $20 total.
I spread the candy out on the table and made sure every pail had the same amount of each candy until they were filled to the top. Then, I used a metallic, silver pen to write "Happy Halloween" on the chalkboard tags. I swapped out the ribbons that came with the tags for the black and orange baker's twine and tied a tag to each handle.
Happy Halloween!

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