Oct 14, 2014

Overnight Treat: Night Shift Sleeping Mask

Face masks are "my jam". There is a mask to treat just about any skin issue or correct anything you don't like about your skin. It's why I don't discriminate; sometimes, I need a thick, moisturizing mask and other times I need an acne killer cream all over my face. Either way, I think face masks are the unsung heroes of the skincare realm.

Knowing my affinity for face masks, as soon as I opened my Julep Maven box this month and saw an overnight mask, I knew it needed to get on my face! I will be completely honest, I tend to dislike overnight masks that you sleep in. The main reason, is (don't think I'm crazy) I get claustrophobic, and having thick, goopy cream that I can feel sitting on my skin is way too much for me to handle. I feel trapped, and I end up having to wash it off.

That's not the case, however, with Julep's Night Shift Sleeping Mask. I've only used it once, so this post will be more of a first impression, and then once I've got a few more usages under my belt, I'll give a more in-depth review if one is necessary. As for my first impression, the mask seems thick coming out of the tube, but once you start to blend it on your face, it pretty much disappears. It reminds me more of a deep moisturizer than a face mask. I could tell I had a moisturizer on my face, but it wasn't thick enough to give me the "heebie jeebies" and I made it through the whole night with it on my face.

The mask instantly made my skin feel like butter (in a good way). My skin felt like silk, and I could see it was working to moisturize my face. Like I said above, I made it through the whole night with it on my face. It didn't leave any greasy residue or stickiness on my pillow, and I didn't wake up feeling like cake face; it just felt like my skin sucked up a lot of moisture over night.

Once I washed my face the next morning, a lot of the silkiness was gone, but that's probably due in large part to the face wash I use. I could tell my skin had a bit more of a glow or brightness to it; much to the affect of what a good night's sleep would do for your complexion.

The most interesting revelation was this morning (morning two after mask). I was in a rush this morning, so I didn't apply a primer, but I noticed my foundation still went on smoother than normal. I'd be curious to see if that was just a fluke or comes with the territory after using the overnight mask.

Overall, my first impression of the Night Shift Sleeping Mask by Julep is pretty great.


  1. Awesome to hear you liked it, I literally just put it on my face for the first time and decided to go hunting for reviews before I go to sleep! Hope it continued to give a positive impression as you kept using it!

    1. Katherine, I have really enjoyed it. Hope you've liked it too! Let me know if you've found anything else similar that you like!


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