Oct 21, 2014

Travel Tips 102: Beauty On the Go

To say I'm a makeup product collector would be an understatement these days. I'd much prefer a gatherer of beautiful things. I love having tons of products at my fingertips to mix things up on a regular basis, but there just isn't enough room in one suitcase for all those beauty products. So, I force myself to pair down. The conversation usually goes something like this in my head, "you didn't unpack three pairs of shoes just so you could add three eyeshadow palettes, two bronzers and three mascaras. At this rate you'll need two makeup bags".

Packing makeup for travel comes down to the absolute necessities. Do I need my absolute best concealer to hide the fact that I'm only getting two hours of sleep before my flight? Uh, yeah! Do I need to pack a warm nude eyeshadow palette and a cool nudes eyeshadow palette? Uh, no.

Here's what I've got with me this week for our mountain getaway.

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