Nov 19, 2014

Fall/Winter Nail Colors

When it comes to nail polish, I love pretty much all colors, but I definitely stick with my favorite brands. A good polish, in my world, lasts Sunday to Sunday. If I have to re-paint halfway during the week, I know the nail polish doesn't live up to my expectations.

As for polish colors I'm loving this fall and moving into winter, I'm definitely gravitating towards merlot, berry and jewel toned blues. I can always tell if I really like a color because I'll do back to back manicures in the same color. I've now been wearing obsessed by Formula X for a solid month now, so that should tell you something, right?

In my opinion, Julep and Formula X are by far the best nail polishes I've used lately, with OPI coming in, in 3rd place. Essie has kind of fallen off the wagon for me. I used to love their polishes: the colors, the formula the finish. Within the last year, I've noticed that the formula just doesn't stack up against Julep and Formula X. To be honest, no nail polish really does. Both of these newer brands have created polishes with a gel-like finish. So, they are a thicker formula, but they last and my nails don't chip or crack. OPI has lasting power too, and a much wider range of colors, which is why it's still in my top 3.


Formula X:

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