Nov 17, 2014

Insta Snaps 11/9-11/15

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Phew! This week was crazy busy, and probably held one of the best moments of my life to date. Since January, I have been working with my mom on writing her very first children's book. The story had been sitting on her heart since she first made it up as a bedtime story for my sister. Now, nineteen years later—she got to hold her book, Sweet Dreams, I Love You, in her hands for the first time. As the editorial manager for a Christian self-publishing company, I see dreams come true every day, but there is no way to describe seeing that same dream come true for my mom. We've been teasing her all week saying, "Hey, you're on Amazon. Can we still sit with you?" Obviously she said yes; we're her kids after all.
Since the book was completed, a few of us have been super busy planning a Book Launch Party to celebrate my mom, and surround her with friends and family that have supported her throughout the entire writing journey. We've ordered invitations and custom stamps, planned the menu, the invite list and how to move furniture around at the house. I seriously cannot wait until party day now. On a side note, if you've never heard of Zazzle—you seriously need to check it out. They have the most adorable custom designed postage stamps or you can even design your own and they'll create and ship them to you.

The weather has finally turned cooler, so I've been enjoying my sweaters, boots and scarves a bit more. I feel like I have a whole new wardrobe now. I was really starting to get sick of my summer clothes. The mornings have been just chilly enough that I find myself not wanting to get out of bed.

I've really been loving the #shereadstruth app. It's a great devotional for women because they do a fantastic job breaking down studies into themes or books of the Bible. Then, there will be several verses for each day of the study that you can read, then you swipe to the right and there's a whole section of thoughts from one of the devotional authors that really help you understand the verses you just read and apply them to your life. If you swipe again, there is a whole running conversation of comments, questions and thoughts from other devotional readers. I have to say, I wasn't spending nearly enough time just scrolling through the other women's comments. I've found some great insight and uplifting thoughts just from reading those.

Lush just released their holiday line and I truly wanted one of everything, but the polar bear bath bomb simply had to come home with me and become my next bath time buddy. I can  picture it now: a warm bubbly bath from Mr. Polar Bear, a glass of wine and the newest book on my shelf Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald.
Mascara and red lips are from Julep, and I've been loving both this week.

I hope y'all have a fantastic Monday and an even better week!

Side note:
As I sat down to reflect on this past week I couldn't decide if the week had flown by or had dragged out. Then, I began to realize it really didn't matter how long or short it took to get to the weekend because that's not how any of us should be living, right? We shouldn't be looking forward to the weekends that we don't enjoy what happens during the week.

Since I've been out of college, the week days have gained a bit of a negative connotation. Monday-Friday signals the days I have to be at work for at least 40 hours of my life dedicated to that specific role. I sometimes forget about all the amazing things that take place during those days too.

So, to break that habit, I've decided to start a new series for Mondays called Insta Snaps. The name has a two-fold meaning. The first, and easiest to guess is that both "Insta" and "Snaps" refers to picture taking. I capture daily life through the camera lens and share my snippets on Instagram. The second meaning is based off none other than Legally Blonde. Elle creates a "Snap Cup" to share positive feedback with colleagues. The same applies to Insta Snaps—instant warm and fuzzy, feel good vibes.

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