Nov 26, 2014

Love 21 Haul

We all tend to "grow out" of certain stores; either because we get an adult job and have a particular dress code to abide by or the clothing just doesn't suit our needs anymore. I remember Forever 21 being my "go to" in my early twenties, but maybe two years or so ago I just felt like I had grown out of it. The girls shopping in there were getting younger and younger, and the clothing was geared toward long nights out, not a mid to late 20 something lifestyle.

Well, that all changed recently when I was wandering around the mall, and spotted the cutest sweater in the window. So, I went in to see if I could even find it. I know, I know—how I even thought that was possible is beyond my wildest imagination, but I did come up lucky. That's also when I discovered the new brand, Love 21: a newer clothing line by Forever 21 for ages 25-35 with more modest hemlines and sizing that's a half size larger than the Forever 21 line. Cue the chorus of angels!

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The affordability, and trendiness of Forever 21 is available once again for those of us moving farther and farther away from our 21st year, and honestly? I'm okay with that. The Love 21 line is pretty fantastic!
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