Nov 14, 2014

One Stop Shopping-Stay Cozy for Under $40

The current weather situation is a dreary, fog like haze that creates this hanging moisture that swirls around right in front of your eyes. So, it seems only fitting that a cozy sweater post goes up today.

Sweaters are probably my favorite piece of clothing to wear—of all time. Living in Florida, however, I don't tend to need wool or cashmere or crazy expensive investment pieces. Don't get me wrong, it can get cold here, but snow flurries every ten or so years is about as crazy as it gets here.

With that being the case, I don't feel the need to invest in sweaters. I'll put the extra money towards a really nice jacket. This year, Forever 21 really hit the "ball out of the park" so to speak on sweaters. They have something for everyone, and they are so affordable.

Here are some of my favorites:

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