Dec 2, 2014

Gift Guide: The Girl Boss

In my opinion, we're all girl bosses in our own right. We get up everyday, go to work, juggle 52 million different tasks, still make it to yoga class on time and then drinks with the girls after, we do the laundry, pay the bills, cook healthy meals and binge watch our favorite TV shows on Netflix—all while still looking cute and never breaking a sweat—at least that's what we tell ourselves. I mean honestly, if we can hoof it, in heels, carrying a million different things, and not trip before getting in the elevator at the office—that's a pretty successful day!

All of us girl bosses know what keeps the trains running on schedule. We know exactly what we need, when we need it. Sometimes, it's a glass of wine (or two) with our besties even though we're exhausted and want to crawl into bed with a pint of ice cream and the Twilight movies till we fall asleep. Other times it's the actual items we have on hand at all times: phone, planner, watch, cute coffee mug, ear buds to blast music when we need to focus. We all have those special items that help get us through the day, and any girl boss you know and love will fully enjoy any of these items!

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