Feb 18, 2015

The Antebellum South

There is something about growing up in the south that can't be replicated anywhere else, and the emotions it stirs up can be hard to explain too. It's like asking someone to define "love". People get close, but they never hit the nail on the head with their definition. I love being able to physically hold onto that feeling the south evokes with a tangible item. Something as simple as a candle allows me, for a split moment, to enjoy a physical embodiment of what I love so much about the south.

If I'm driving past rows and rows of orange groves on my way home or pass a huge plantation while spending a long weekend in Savannah, or drink a glass of wine by a fire-pit in North Carolina while the crisp, autumn leaves fall all around me; those moments scream "the south is magical" and those are the nostalgic moments I like to hold on to.
I think that's why I like The South Candle Company so much. It's a company created out of the same love for the south that I hold near and dear to my heart. I can't stop burning the Antebellum scent, and my next order will include another Antebellum (because I've already burned half of my first candle) as well as the Gunpowder scent.
Order Online through South Boutique
You can Facebook message The South Candle on how to order if you don't have a retailer near by.

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