Feb 20, 2015

What a Floridian Wears on a Cold Day

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Have you ever seen those maps that circulate on social media that have the entire United States covered in snow/sleet warnings, and Florida is hanging out down at the bottom with temperatures in the 70s? The text over the image usually reads "Today is National Hate Florida Day". Well, these past two days, we've had the pleasure of experiencing colder than average temperatures, and this native Floridian has been very happy about it. When others are complaining, I'm secretly cheering inside. Why inside you ask? Easy—everyone else looks at you like you're deranged if you cheer out loud for the overnight freeze warning.

We've had highs in the upper 40s and low 50s with our lows down to 27 and wind-chills in the teens. So, a thick sweater, Northface jacket, blanket scarf, skinny jeans and boots are enough to get me out the door in the morning. I've worn gloves walking into the office the past two mornings because the wind has been brutal and my hands get so cold.
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