Mar 2, 2015

Coming up Berries

It's pretty sad to admit this, but as a native Floridian I had never been to the Florida Strawberry Festival in Plant City. All that changed when I saw that Alabama would be in concert opening night. Festival attire, in the winter at least, should always include plaid, jeans and boots.
Festival food is always a main reason to attend, but the chocolate covered, jumbo strawberries on a stick were by far the best thing EVER!
Just as we were getting into Plant City, we stopped by Fringe Boutique, so I could purchase one of the limited edition Bourbon & Boweties strawberry bangles. I love that the back of each strawberry is engraved with "Plant City 2015". It's such a special way to mark such a special night with my mom.
My mom has been an Alabama fan forever, and their music has always been a huge part of my life. I know words to songs I didn't even know I knew, we've listened to them on ten hour drives to our previous house in western North Carolina growing up, and there's home video of me singing songs from my car-seat as a toddler.
My favorite story, however, is the one where I was about four years old, we were at an Alabama concert and my mom turned to look at me. I was fast asleep in my chair, mid-concert with my legs indian style. I told her I owed her a ticket, so I treated her to this concert—almost 20 years later.
Outfit Details:
Shirt | Gap
Jeans | Loft (The Modern Skinny Fit)
Boots | Gianni Bini via Dillard's
Crossbody | Coach (similar)
Strawberry Bangle | Bourbon & Boweties via Fringe Boutique
Shotgun Shell Bangle | Bourbon & Boweties
Watch | Marc Jacobs


  1. So fun! I have never been either! I keep meaning to go but just haven't ever done it!! After seeing your pics I must go next year! No excuses! So Cute

    1. It will now be a yearly trip for us. We had so much fun and the food was amazing! Then again, you can't go wrong with fresh brewed sweet tea and strawberries anyway you like 'em.


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