Mar 25, 2015

Infinite SHINE

I'm not gonna sugar coat it, every time a new nail polish line comes out and claims to be "gel-like quality" without the hassle, I'm on it like white on rice. I can never seem to get a polish to last past six or seven days, so when the packaging suggests up to 10 days, it's like a gauntlet has been thrown down and I need to test it. That's exactly how it happened when I saw the Infinite Shine line from OPI at Ulta.
I was perusing through Ulta without looking for anything in particular (don't we all say this?), when I spotted a table fully devoted to the Infinite Shine line, and of course I was taken by just how many colors there are. I'm not kidding! There was a color for everyone and it was honestly hard for me to decide on a color. They had everything from spring-like mint green, to nudes, to deep gemstone colors, reds and pinks. I landed on the shade Running with the In-finite Crowd because who doesn't want a bright pink nail color in March?
Let's fast-forward to now, I've had the polish on four days and no sign of chipping or fading at the tips, which normally happens from typing on a keyboard the whole day. The top coat is just as shiny as it was when I first put it on and all around my nails still look really good. The four day mark is a good sign that OPI might actually be onto something with their Infinite Shine line.

Product Details:
OPI Infinite Shine Primer | Ulta
OPI Infinite Shine Polish Running w/ In-finite Crowd | Ulta
OPI Infinite Shine Top Coat | Ulta

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