Apr 6, 2015


Happy Monday y'all! I hope your Easter weekends were full of fun, family and friends. I ended up having both Thursday of last week, as well as Good Friday off, so I ended up with a four day weekend. Nothing beats getting an extra day off that you weren't expecting. My whole goal for about a month had been to spend Good Friday at the beach; no laptop, no emails, no phone calls. All I wanted was a day with my butt in a beach chair and a good book, and that's exactly what I did.

Our weather has been absolutely gorgeous these past few days. There's a short period of time each year about this time where the mornings are cool and crisp, but the afternoons are warm and sunny with very low humidity. We Floridians revel in this time of year and soak all of it up before the humidity kicks into overdrive and the oppressive summer forces us all into the overworked air-conditioning.

On days such as this, I find myself walking out in a light jacket or blazer, using punches of color to liven up my outfits and eating al fresco as much as I possibly can.

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