Jun 10, 2015

10 Mid-Week Pampering Necessities

I don't know about y'all, but by the time Wednesday rolls around I'm already feeling a bit worn down from the week. Typically, a group of us girls will do dinner and drinks out on Wednesday nights, which really helps recharge my battery. There's nothing like cocktails and a good time with your besties. Some Wednesdays though, after girls night or in place of, I'll treat myself to an at-home night of pampering.

I'll light a favorite candle, draw a hot bath, take off all my makeup, and proceed to goop myself up with every beauty product I can get my hands on at that moment. Sometimes, not living with a man has its benefits; am I right?

For at-home pampering nights, I love doing all the treatments I don't get to all the time. Also, when you do all those fun treatments at the same time—when you're done, you literally feel like a new person.

So, here's how the night goes:
  1. Light Candle
  2. Remove all makeup + do a sugar scrub for my lips
  3. Apply face mask of choice—leave plenty of room free from mask around eyes
  4. Wet hair + apply deep conditioner and pin up in clip
  5. Apply eye treatment where you left space in step 3
  6. Draw a hot bath + drop in a bubble bar (glittery ones are the best)
  7. After soaking in tub for chosen time, get out and wash off face then apply eye cream
  8. Apply face oil of choice
  9. Apply lip moisturizer
  10. Apply body cream everywhere (especially dry areas like elbows, knees, and heels)

Products Shown:
Candle | Anthropologie
Lip Scrub | Neiman Marcus
Face Mask | Origins
Hair Mask | Amazon
Eye Treatment | Sephora
Bubble Bar | Lush
Eye Cream | Dillard's
Face Oil | Sephora
Lip Moisturizer | Neiman Marcus
Body Cream | Rituals c/o

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