Jun 9, 2015

Lululemon | Biltmore Village

Dear Lululemon,

Your clothes are so amazingly perfect, and I had to stay away from you for a long time out of fear. Fear that I'd love you as much as I thought I would. Fear of spending half my paycheck within the walls of your pretty store. Fear of never wanting to wear real pants clothes ever again.

Then, it happened. I walked into your beautifully, historic location in Biltmore Village, and I knew I had to have a full outfit. So, I picked clothing based on the current temperatures that week: a gorgeous eggplant, long-sleeve top with thumb-holes (honestly, nothing may be better than thumb-holes; well, maybe thumb-holes and a cup of coffee) and a pair of wunder-under leggings. It was the best decision I made, which I can prove because I went back at the end of the week and purchased another entire outfit: this shirt and these leggings.

Outfit Details:
Top | Lululemon
Leggings | Lululemon
Sneakers | Asics (this color also)

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