Aug 26, 2015

Recent Beauty Purchases | August 2015

If you're anything like me, you tend to have a running list of I wish items that spin around in your head, but you can never justify spending the money to own them. That's a great mentality when you're trying to save money (which I'm always trying to do), but sometimes a day or series of days come along, retail therapy happens, and you don't even feel sorry about the money you've spent. Enter last Wednesday. I had a mini freak out when I realized I was two weeks away from twenty-nine. The things I had been putting off, but wanted to achieve during my 20s came crashing down on me and I felt like a complete loser for putting so many ideas, dreams, decisions on the back-burner. Insert online retail therapy. Are there any other words more magical in the English language?

A month or so ago, I started the quest to find a new signature scent. Subconsciously, I may have been grappling with this whole birthday thing long before it bubbled to the surface. I compare searching for a new signature scent to a hair makeover. A girl doesn't change either unless she's looking to change her life. Every time I would walk into Ulta, I would stand in front of the Chanel perfumes for ten to fifteen minutes smelling each one, over and over again.
A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life. —Coco Chanel
At the time I couldn't convince myself I needed to spend that much money on perfume. My max tends to cap out around the fifty-five dollar range. After that, I can't justify the price tag. So, each time I would walk away, empty-handed.

I finally pulled the trigger last Wednesday and ordered the newest Chance scent from Chanel, which is called Eau Vive. I always lean toward the spicy yet slightly sweet perfumes, so this scent is completely outside my comfort zone. It's in the floral spectrum, but it still has that cedar note to spice it up a bit. #lovingit
While I was on the Chanel train, I went ahead and threw in the Rouge Coco Shine in boy. Last year, I purchased Boheme and loved it so much that I knew I would eventually get another color. I had been watching beauty videos on Youtube one night and a girl raved about Boy. When I pulled it up online and saw it was a gorgeous, everyday rose color—in the basket it went. I haven't worn anything else since it came in the mail.
Another splurge product I finally caved to is the Dior creme de rose lip balm. I know why everyone is obsessed with this balm. Once you break through the outer seal on the balm, you get this thick, creamy, highly moisturizing balm. I've been leaving it on my bedside table or vanity and I find myself reapplying all the time. It's turning into a mindless habit.

I also purchased a new MAC mineralize skin finish. I strayed away from these when the changed the packaging. I thought they had messed with the formula too, as the last one went everywhere as soon as the brush touched the powder—almost like it hadn't set right. I switched to another powder and since that was running low, I decided to try the skin finish powder again. No messy, loose powder going everywhere when I swirl my powder brush, so it must have been a fluke with the last one.
L-R: Black Striped Top | Black Top | Navy Striped Top | Lace Top | Black Jeans | Clutch
I didn't have anywhere else to really drop this small clothing haul into, so figured I would just tack it on at the end of this post. The items came the same day, so why not? Loft is crushing Fall 2015 and the Pumpkin Spice Latte hasn't even been released at Starbucks yet. I gravitated heavily toward the merlot/oxblood color last year and it's at the top of my list again this year. I can't get enough of that deep berry color—perfection! Black skinny jeans are going to be huge this year too, so I ordered a pair in the modern skinny fit. I also ordered the tall instead of regular because I want to be able to cuff the hem.

What is on your Fall 2015 shopping list? Tell me in the comment section below.


  1. So I already have almost all of the makeup and I totally crushed the most recent Loft sale! Love you miss you!

    1. I did some damage on that last Loft sale too. Can't wait for that bill to come. LOL! Miss you too boo!!!


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