Aug 7, 2015

Tax Free Week: Florida

I have a serious question: why were the school supplies so UGLY when I was in school? All those primary color, spiral notebooks and bland, boring 3-ring binders, plain BIC pens—those were the only choices for back to school supplies. Now, there are products designed in themes, and all themes are in pretty colors.

As of today, all school supplies less than $15 are tax-free in Florida. Other items also on the tax-exempt list include clothing, shoes and accessories under $100 and the first $750 on the purchase of a personal computer is tax-exempt as well.

I ran into Office Depot to pick up a few supplies and walked out with items I will end up using (of course), but very obviously didn't need, by any stretch of the imagination. As soon as I saw an entire rack of black and gold EVERYTHING, I knew I was in trouble. There is far more in the store than I could find online to show you some products, here.

Also, I've put together some additional items that go perfectly with the items above.

Loose-leaf Graph Paper | Papermate Flair Pens | Striped Washi Tape | Gold Mini Binder | Mini Binder Notebook Paper | Mini Binder Sheet Protectors

I love using graph paper as my notebook paper. I always feel like I have to stay on the lines and behave when I'm writing on regular lined paper. On the graph paper, however, I feel a little more free to use the page however I want, but I still have the structure of lines to keep my handwriting straight.

Tax-Free Week: Florida

August 7th-16th 2015


  1. YAAAAAS I love all things gold! I just bought two planners from the Day Designer collection at Target!

    1. I am right there with you! I walked out after spending $40 just shaking my head. Haha! I have been LOVING the Day Designer collection at Target as well. I wish she had made some special notebooks to go with it. Also, if you love gold foil, you HAVE to check out the Emily Ley collaboration with May Designs at


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