Aug 31, 2015


1. 5mm Yoga Mat | 2. Tank | 3. Leggings | 4. Towel
Yoga is one of those classes that not only work out my muscles, but it also helps refocus and center my mind. I took my first class back in my senior year of high school, and I loved it from that moment on. I love that I'm working against my own body weight and forced to hold positions that can sometimes be challenging. To me, yoga isn't just for the relaxation piece of it. There are some classes that truly kick your butt, like hot yoga. Don't get me wrong though, I do love my 7:30 gentle yoga class on Wednesdays. Mid-week, that class is exactly what I need most to re-align myself and feel like I can wrap up the rest of the workweek.

Along the way, I've picked up a few yoga essentials and thought I'd share...

The yoga studio I attend has wood floors, which is so nice and calming to the senses, but a tad bit hard on my knees and hands. A semi-cheap mat from Target just wouldn't cut it on those wood floors, so I switched to the Lululemon 5mm reversible mat. This mat is perfect for both regular yoga and with a flip to the other side, you're ready for hot yoga. I also love that there's no slipping with this mat. When I get sweaty, I tend to start to slip out of holding positions. There's nothing worse than feeling your back foot start to slip while you're in warrior II pose.

The next essential is a loose, cotton tank top that doesn't show too much. I love these high neck tank tops from Target because they don't cling, are lightweight and I don't have to worry about showing too much when I'm twisted all around in different poses. I'm ashamed to admit, I have 3 of these in black.

The leggings you choose for yoga are important, and trust me it's not about the brand on the tag at all. I've worn a lot of different leggings from a lot of different places and I truly believe the Lululemon leggings work best for me. I don't have to worry about breaking concentration to fix leggings that have rolled down at the waist during forward bend or have started to bunch behind the knees. I can focus on my practice and not have to fuss with my clothing, which is super important—especially during yoga. When your practice is about keeping focus and centering yourself, allowing your brain to pull away from that to adjust clothing isn't something you should have to deal with.

Some people don't really consider yoga exercise, and think you won't break a sweat. Let me tell you—I am sweating in every class, no matter what kind. I always carry a towel with me to wipe my face real quick or wipe my arms or back of my neck. I also really like to use it before getting back in the car afterward. I just feel a bit better before heading home to jump in the shower.

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