Sep 8, 2015

A Good Handbag is Hard to Find

Denim Jacket: American Eagle (similar) | Romper: Target | Shoes: Target (similar)
Shopping for a new handbag is no easy feat. There are so many decisions that come with a handbag purchase, and sometimes it overwhelms me. I tend to check every so often to see if a new style and color have come out that I like, and then I save for it. The good thing about handbags, especially the higher-end handbags is that they aren't a fleeting trend. They don't sell out overnight, and the styles stick around, while the colors change for each season. So, it's easy to set your sights on a bag, save for it and still be able to find it when you're ready to purchase.

Military Jacket: Gap (similar) | Shirt: Target | Denim Shorts: Loft (similar) | Shoes: Tom's (similar) | Handbag: Kate Spade
There are a few key checklist items I keep in mind when shopping for a purse. First, set a budget. Second, browse a lot of different purses and see which style you like best/works best with your lifestyle. Go into a store, pick them up and hold them, test them to see if they fit your shoulder or just the crook of your arm. Stand in front of a mirror holding the purse. Third, where do you plan on using your bag: day or night, work or event? Fourth, what color do you want? Fifth, what material is going to hold up best for how you want to use the bag?
Sweatshirt: Lou & Grey @ Loft (similar) | Jeans: Loft | Sneakers: Asics
I'm a structured, squared off, shape kind of girl. I like when a purse has clean, straight lines. I don't like rounded edges or bucket bags at all. I also like easy to care for materials, so I always lean toward the Saffiano leather. It's easy to wipe clean and is very durable to daily use. My absolute favorite is this Kate Spade Cedar Street Hayden in geranium (no longer available). I purchased this past spring and have carried it almost every single day. My outfits tend to be very neutral based, so I can get away with carrying a pop of color on my handbag.

Keep in mind, you don't have to pay $500 for a good purse. I have a really great bag from Target and I love it. It's a classic shape, great for day and travel, can be a cross-body, over the shoulder or in the crook of my elbow, and it's in a black leather-ish material. Best of all, it was under $100.

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