Sep 24, 2015

Texture Spray

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When I was in high school, the hair trend was stick straight, silky, shiny hair. Girls were using clothing irons (I heard it discussed in the girl's bathroom) to straighten their hair, and then thankfully for all of us the Chi flat irons became popular and girls stopped using the ironing boards. No matter how hard I tried, my extremely thick, curly/wavy hair would never lie perfectly straight—especially in this Florida weather. But, I had to have my hair stick straight, even if it only lasted half the day. I did win 'Best Hair' my senior year of high school though, so maybe it's cooler to stand-out anyway. #beyourownperson

Now, texture is in; thank goodness! I can rock some texture like no one's business and I finally feel like I'm in the cool kids hair club.  The messier the better, in my opinion, when it comes to hair. I love when it looks like a girl just got out of bed, fluffed her hair, put in a fews curls with a curling wand and walked out the door like a bad*ss! The secret to that effortless look, however, is most likely a dry texturizing spray. I know, I know, you're thinking to yourself, "I can't possibly need another hair product." Let me correct you—you do need a texturizing spray. If you've got crazy texture already, like I do, use it to get some grit in your beachy waves or soften up over curled ringlets. If you've got silky straight hair that won't hold a curl to save your life? Use the texturizing spray to give your hair some grit before your curl.

The trick to texturizing spray is it has to be a dry spray—not wet. The can will always say "dry" if it is, and those are the ones you want. I've never understood the point of spraying a wet styling product meant for dry hair. Maybe it's because as a curly/wavy haired girl anything wet made my straight hair go 'fro, but alas, this is a rant for Twitter.

I use a texturizing spray for several reasons; some layers always slide out of a side braid on me, but if I use texturizing spray and scrunch before braiding, it'll last all day Since I keratin treat my hair, it softens my natural texture and makes it a bit harder to hold a curl, so I'll lightly spray with a texture spray and scrunch before sectioning off to curl my hair. These sprays also work wonders on up-dos, top knots, face framing braids and ponytails. Also, if you want to punch up yesterday's curls without a whole lot of work, hit them with a texture spray, scrunch and shake up a bit, then finish with some hairspray.

My all-time favorite is the Blow Pro Textstyle Spray. It smells great, it works great and it's not crazy expensive. I also really like Oscar Blandi Texture and Volume Spray, but that one can break the budget if used too often.

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