Oct 7, 2015

Florida Fall

Location: Lakeside Inn, Mount Dora

Only those of you, fellow, Floridians know that this actually qualifies as a "fall" outfit way down here in the peninsula state. So, alas, this is my it's 79 instead of 103 and I'm going to put on boots" look. While the temperatures may still be warmer, it's still easy to live in a fall state of mind with the right color palette. Switch out the neons and tank tops for jewel tones and 3/4 shirts in a light material. Then, throw on booties with your shorts. Now, get out and SEIZE THE DAY!

One downside of this time of year is that it's still too hot to wear jeans all day, but I'm so over summer that my tan has started to fade. Hence the pale legs in my denim shorts look. I usually have to switch to self-tanner to cut down on the paleness; this one is my favorite because it's a mousse, so it's easy to apply.

Kohl's Crossbody (similar)

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