Oct 12, 2015

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Washi Tape | Flat Note Card | Notebook | Pencil Set
I'm a pretty organized person—for the most part. Don't get me wrong, there are things I don't like doing (like laundry), which means my clean clothes may not always make it back into the closet or drawers before I wear them again. I'm also not great with paperwork or keeping those piles organized. Outside of those two tasks, I'm pretty organized. Although, now that I list out the things I'm not organized about, I'm starting to question myself.
Sometimes, I put together a to-do list just to cross off the items I've already done.
The good thing is, I do tend to know where everything is when I need it. I think that qualifies as organization. I'm also big on making lists. Sometimes, I put together a to-do list just to cross off the items I've already done. I don't know if that classifies me as crazy or not; the jury is still out.

Ever since I saw the new "list" interior pages on the May Designs website, I knew it was made for me. I love that the center area has grid lines, which I prefer over regular lines, and the outside margins have list sections with a spot to check each item off the list. The blush interior also jazzes up my task list a bit more than plain paper, too.

Inside Pages of Notebook
I've been using this notebook and the matching note-set for blog related stuff. With so many outfit, beauty, and southern life post ideas swirling around in my head, it's nice to keep everything in one place. I also love these flat note-sets as "Thank You" cards when products are sent to me.

If you're a list keeper like I am, definitely check out these May Designs Notebooks, and the matching note-sets if you're a snail mail kind of girl.

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