Oct 26, 2015

Style Code | Outdoor Fall Wedding

Dressing for a wedding is difficult any time of year, but Fall can be especially tricky. The temperatures bounce around a bit, and depending on an indoor or outdoor wedding, it can be downright stressful to figure out what to wear.

For those of us in Florida, an October wedding still calls for a sleeve-less or short-sleeve dress. But opt for one in a darker, fall hue. Think jewel tone colors like berry, dark greennavy blue and black. I'm always a fan of a nice black dress at a fall or winter wedding.

For other regions where the temperatures may be a bit cooler than Florida, opt for a 3/4 sleeve or long-sleeve dress. Also, stick to those jewel tones; they look great on any skin tone, and darker colors are naturally more slimming.

Colder Temperature | Outdoor Fall Wedding

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When the temperatures are a bit colder, I like a closed toe, platform heel or wedge. If you know you'll be in grass, always opt for a wedge or lower heel. Otherwise, you'll be clinging to your date's arm the entire night—well, that might actually not be a bad thing.

Also, mixing high end and affordable pieces together are a great way to style an outfit for a wedding. If you splurge on a dress, look for less expensive shoes and jewelry. If you want to go big on jewelry, you can always find a great dress for less than $100.

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