Oct 14, 2015

Tommy Hilfiger Rain Boots

Location: Mount Dora, FL

I'm not gonna lie to y'all, life has been pretty stressful lately. There's a lot of moving pieces and I constantly feel like I'm juggling five million plates in the air, trying not to let any of them crash. Don't get me wrong, I am loving what the future looks like and the opportunities, but some days I just need to get out and walk to nowhere. Out into the fresh air, the open streets, and walk through town. The weekend mornings are perfect because there aren't too many people moving about yet, the streets are quiet and I feel like I have the entire town to myself. It's nice to put my phone on DND so no one can bother me, but still have my camera to stop and snap any pictures I want without feeling rushed. That sense of being able to wander with no specific finish line, no time constraint—that's the best feeling in the world. #stopandsmelltheroses

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