Oct 16, 2015

What's In My Travel Makeup Bag

Every time I fly to North Carolina, I'm on Allegiant Air, which is great because the flights are so cheap. What's not so great? The max weight limit on checked bags is 40 lbs! The one thing I desperately try not to over-pack is my makeup bag. It can add in a lot of unnecessary weight to a checked bag, so I always try to simplify without having to leave any necessities behind.

Vera Bradley makes my favorite makeup bags because they are always lined inside and are washable. If something spills, I can throw it in the wash, let it air dry and then shove my stuff back in. Between this Brush & Blush Bag and the Tarte Showstopper palette, I have really been able to streamline my packing process.

Vera Bradley Bag
This makeup bag is a game-changer. Two zippers open to two different sections. One section is made special for brushes only, and the other side has plenty of room for makeup. Before this bag, I was packing brushes in a separate bag, so they weren't smooshed in with makeup, which I packed in another bag. Simplifying it down to one bag that's multi-purpose makes a huge difference.

Origins | Smashbox | Lancome
I always pack moisturizer and primer on vacation. We do a lot of going while we're on vacation, so I need my makeup to last all day. Moisturizer and primer are key to keeping everything in place until we call it a day.
MAC | Dior Concealer | Dior Foundation | NYX | Laura Mercier
I seriously tried to avoid trying any Dior foundation because I didn't want to fall in love with them (not easy on the wallet), but the Star Foundation converted me, and I'm in a committed relationship with the Dior Nude Air Serum foundation. I have oily skin, and the Nude Air foundation is amazing. I was apprehensive about the "serum" factor, but my skin looks amazing and I can see the difference in photos I've posted lately.
L-R: Foundation | Under Eye | Powder | Contour (similar) | Blush | Highlight
Brushes are a must for makeup application. These are the brushes I use every single day (forgot to photograph eyeshadow brush, but it's the flat eyeshadow brush by E.L.F. from Target). They work great for me and range in prices. There's no single brand of makeup brushes I have to have. I go in knowing which brush I need and then I go around feeling the brushes until I find one I like. Real Techniques, MAC, Sephora, It Cosmetics and E.L.F. brushes are some of my favorites.
Tarte | Julep Plum Shimmer
The Tarte Showstopper palette is another game-changer. The blush, bronzer, highlighter and eyeshadow shades are perfect for my coloring, so I literally don't have to bring anything else with me. I can use the darkest shadow color for a night look, but I really like adding in this Julep Creme to Powder Shadow Stick for a pop of deep purple in the outer corner.
Too Faced | Anastasia | Dior | L'oreal | Anastasia
L'oreal Eternal Rose | Chanel Dialogue | Marc Jacobs Core Cora | Maybelline Blissful Berry | Chanel Boy | Dior creme de rose
I'll admit, the one area I've never been able to shave down too much is the lip color department. Some days I'm in the mood for red, other days pink, another day plum and in a hurry I like a natural lip shade that's easy to apply on the go. Plus, lip balm is a must.


  1. Great and exclusive post.. thanks for sharing

  2. I'm totally with you on not being able to cut down my lip products! You could wear the same makeup all holiday and make it look different buy switching up your lipstick. I love the look of the Tarte palette, I'm going to see what shades they have available now for my upcoming holiday. Xx

    Tania | When Tania Talks


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