Nov 27, 2015

Gift Guide | #GirlBoss

Ah, the CEO-in-the-making! The #GirlBoss is a sharp shooter who works long hours and still manages to cram in regular workouts, coffee outings, and dinner and drinks with her besties. She's always on top of things without skipping a beat. So, just how does this girl stay on the move and on top of the world?

The essentials are few, but they are the very definition of essential. First, the tote is where all great girl bosses are made. The tote has to be big enough to hold everything from a laptop or iPad to credit cards, keys and a wallet. I love these Madewell Totes not only because they are monogrammable, but also because they make efficiency look easy. Your girl boss can keep her phone and business cards at the ready with the outside pockets.

After that, a planner is a key component to keeping these girls organized. From morning spin classes, to business lunches, to nights out with besties—a planner keeps every girl boss running on all cylinders until it's time to sleep each day.

A great addition to the planner is a sleek padfolio. She can keep notes, ideas, to-do lists and more, all in one place. It doesn't get much better than that!

A girl boss may not always have time for a full workout, so those steps between meetings really need to add up. The Apple Watch does it all for the girl boss. From receiving incoming texts and phone calls, to tracking steps, water intake, and exercise—this watch keeps the girl on the move—on the move.

Inspiration boosting pens, pencils, notepads, desk accessories, tumblers and coffee mugs are the boost any girl boss needs to keep moving during one of those Mondays.

Last, but not least, the girl boss always needs a great pair of earbuds and an external charger to keep going long after 5pm.

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