Nov 2, 2015

November Playlist

I listen to a lot of music. It's always on while I'm working, in the car, baking something in the kitchen. I'm no genre snob either, I like pretty much all types of music from any decade. The music definitely needs to fit my mood though. For work, I need something peppy, but not distracting. In the car, it's a song I can sing as loud as I want while I'm stuck in traffic. Pretty much anything goes in the kitchen.

I'm pretty much always mixing country, pop, alternative, and rap throughout the day. So, here's what I've been loving lately. Also, if you're not on Spotify, it's pretty much the best thing since sliced bread.

  1. The Cadillac Threes // White Lightning
  2. Adele // Hello
  3. Elle King // America's Sweetheart
  4. Michael Ray // Another Girl
  5. X Ambassadors // Renegades
  6. Cam // Burning House
  7. Shawn Mendes // Stiches
  8. Ellie Goulding // On My Mind
  9. The Weekend // The Hills
  10. Sam Hunt // Break up in a Small Town
If you're on Spotify, you can follow the entire November Mix playlist!

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