Nov 4, 2015

Shop Local

Location: Mtn Merch | Asheville, NC

If you asked me to count the reasons I love western North Carolina, it'd be a very long list, and you'd probably ignore me after reason 20 to go start packing your bags for a road trip that would commence as soon as you were packed. So, I'll spare you the entire list and touch on one reason.

I love the feel of the region, not just the nature surrounding me, but the nature of the people too. The mentality is to always support and help one another. Local shops support local artisans and source items that are made locally to sell in their stores; consumers then support local businesses by shopping local. I've never seen anything like it anywhere else I've been.

That's actually one of the things that first caught my attention about Mtn Merch; a local shop with a focus on selling locally made items that celebrate and support the true nature of the region. Making things with your hands and selling them has always been a way of life for the area, and I love that while it's modernized a bit, the original concept is still very much intact. Now, there are stores like Mtn Merch that provide the opportunity to purchase something that is special to the region and remind us of a special experience.
Asheville T-shirt
My family is big on purchasing t-shirts to remind us of the places we've traveled and Mtn Merch doesn't disappoint. They have a great selection for any style. I love this one, this one, this one and this one.
NCLine Jacket | State of NC T-shirt with Heart
In Blue Handmade Tote
State of NC T-shirt with Heart | NCLine Jacket | Local T-shirt
If you're lucky, Cash will be working. I hear he is in charge of PR, so make sure to snap a picture with him while you're there. 
Mtn Merch T-shirt
Mtn Merch T-shirt
In Blue Handmade Tote | Asheville T-shirt
NCLine Jacket | State of NC T-shirt with Heart
Mtn Merch T-shirt

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NCLine Jacket

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