Dec 7, 2015

Bounce Around

The holiday season is the perfect time for extra bouncy hair. Curls and full-bodied hair are pretty much a go-to for me during the holidays. I know I can work in a bit more product, fluff my curls a bit more, and no matter what I get myself into find myself doing, there's a pretty high chance my hair is going to make it through just fine.

I use my blow-drying time to get a jump start on the volume. I'll use Got2B Kinkier mousse in damp hair, combing it through, with my fingers, from roots to mid-shaft of my hair. I also use a smoothing serum on the ends to keep it a bit more tame where I want it. Then, I'll let my hair air-dry a bit while I do most of my makeup. I use a large barrel brush to dry my hair. It helps me cover a larger area of hair, which helps cut my drying time down. Plus, it really helps boost volume with the help of the kinkier mousse.

Once my hair is dry, I let it cool a bit while I go ahead and add my eyeliner and mascara. This also gives my curling wand or curling iron time to heat up. I love working with a curling iron after the kinkier mousse because the mousse really helps lock the curls in place. It also helps keep the curls a bit fuller and voluminous throughout the evening.

I've got a lot of hair, but it can fall flat—quick. To avoid that, I let the curls set and cool for a bit, then I brush through them with my normal hair brush and douse in a good amount of hairspray. Secret tip? If my hair falls a bit while out, I'll go in the bathroom, flip my head over, and rough up my hair with my fingers a bit. Once I flip my head back over, I'll smooth it out a bit on top, but leave the rest alone. If I have a small can of hairspray, I'll lightly mist one more time before heading back to the party.

Post created in collaboration with Got 2B. All opinions are my own

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