Jan 18, 2016

Crisp Mornings

I love the crisp, chilly mornings we've had the past couple days. It's cool enough that I need a thicker sweater and some boots, and maybe a scarf. However, I don't have to worry about a jacket or too many layers—until the evening that is. The air smells fresh, and the days just seem to rejuvenate me a bit more now. That crisp bite to the morning air works almost like a hot cup of coffee—almost.

I've already put several of my 2016 goals into rotation as well. For starters, I'm half way through a dairy free January. Which let me tell you; dairy free is no joke! I feel like the health nut weirdo in the grocery store, reading every label, waffling back and forth on putting something in the cart, and wondering if I'm wasting money on a soy option that I'm going to hate the taste of. Let's not even discuss the lack of queso in my life right now and the amendments I've made to my Starbucks order. Complaining aside, I am actually starting to feel a difference. It's weird, but I feel a bit lighter on my feet—not so much of that dragging feeling. I've been sleeping better, and the 3pm slump isn't so intense anymore.

On top of going dairy free, I'm also going to a minimum of two spin classes a week, with cardio and weights on my own time one or two other times a week. Plus, I'm starting with a personal trainer today, so I can get into a better routine with free weights. Needless to say, these goals barely scratch the surface on what I've set out to do this year. Watch out 2016!


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