Jan 25, 2016

Red Turtleneck

While #SnowMageddon2016 beat up most of the east coast this weekend, here in Florida we had highs in the 40s, and our lows pushing into the low 30s at night. It was actually 38 degrees during this shoot, which thankfully the sun was out, and the wind had died down. Otherwise, you would've seen a girl standing in her Northface jacket. Which, let's be honest—that's kinda boring. A bright red turtleneck is far more exciting. Right?

I'm currently on the lookout for new skinny jeans. I have always liked the Loft modern skinny jeans, but I'm finding these a bit bagger in the knee and calf areas, and my calves aren't small by any means. They fit into Hunter Boots, which are narrower in the calf area, but my calves aren't swimming in them. It's more like a comfortable snug with a pair of jeans on. I'm guessing I need to switch to more of a jegging type pair of jeans.

I'll be honest, I've never been able to justify spending more than like $40 on jeans (weird, right?). What jeans are you loving right now? Maybe I do just need to swallow my pride and jump on the expensive jean bandwagon—I don't know.

Are red lips a little overkill with a red sweater? Nope! The core cora color by Marc Jacobs is actually an almost identical match to the color of this sweater. A nude lip would've worked just as well, but I naturally gravitate to red lips anyway.
 Items Shown...
Turtleneck | Loft-sold out (same color) (similar turtleneck)
Skinny Jeans | Loft
Tote | Cuyana (similar)
Scarf | Old Navy-sold out (similar)
Booties | Target-old (similar)
Lipstick | Marc Jacobs Core Cora

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