Jan 22, 2016

Winter Skincare Essentials

Winter, or at least our version, has finally arrived in central Florida. If the colder weather hadn't been a good indicator, my oily skin making a turn toward dry skin would have. The products I use during the warmer months to clean off as much oil as I can, no longer work for me in the cold months because they are too drying. So, through the years, I've made a few switches that I can't live without, and have found some new products recently as well.

Origins Drink Up Face Mask | Garnier Miracle Sleeping Eye Cream | Sephora Lotus Eye Mask
I'm big on masks and overnight treatments—especially when I need some extra moisturizer. The overnight moisturizing mask, Drink Up Intensive by Origins is great! Think about it, we crank up the heat to take the chill off in the house, we sleep in more warm layers, flannel sheets etc. Our skin runs the risk of drying out a lot overnight, which is exactly when our body is trying to renew and rebalance itself. Slather your face with a decent amount of this overnight mask, and not only do you lend more moisture to your skin, which keep you looking younger longer, but it helps seal that moisture back into your skin. If you get eight hours of sleep, adding this mask equals eight hours of true beauty sleep!

Every night I slather (literally) this Garnier Miracle Sleeping Cream for eyes under and around my eye area. I don't know what it is about this gel-like product, but I can see the difference in the morning. If I've forgotten it one night or tried to use something else, I'll wake up the next morning with my under eyes looking a bit dry and my tiniest of fine lines look a bit more visible. When I use the Garnier sleeping cream though, my under eyes look fresh and hydrated, no lines or tiredness hanging out. I can also see a difference in my concealer when I use this the night before as well. The concealer goes on smoother and doesn't settle anywhere around my eyes, which if that happens the concealer ends up looking very dry and cake-y on me.

Last, I recently picked up a few of the Sephora face and eye masks (just ordered more BTW), and let me tell you—I am OBSESSED! The face masks are actually sheets, drenched in the product, and you lay them over your face. The package says for fifteen minutes, but as long as I can sit and watch something on Netflix or catch up on my favorite blogs, that mask is staying on my face. I suck up all the goodness I possibly can. Same goes for these eye masks. They are shaped perfect to fit snug around your eye area, and they are drenched in product, so they almost suction to your skin and don't slide around at all. I leave them on as long as possible too, and I always feel so much better afterward. Then again, when you're sitting around with a mask on your face, sipping wine, and watching The Bachelor on a Monday night, it's kind of hard not to feel better afterward!
Estee Lauder Take It Away Makeup Remover | Hazelwood Soap Co. Bounce Lotion
I had to switch from the makeup remover wipes because I felt like they were drying out my skin area, and I felt like I was having to pull and tug too much, which can cause lines and wrinkles to show up earlier. As a replacement, I heard rave reviews about Estee Lauder's Take It Away makeup removing lotion. I love it! I apply a pump and a half onto an index finger, rub it together with my other index finger, and then gently rub the lotion over my eyes to break up the eyeliner and mascara. Then, I take a soft cotton pad, and gently wipe the black circles off my face. After that, I wash my face and get the remaining makeup remnants off my face. I like having the lotion on my eye area though before I wash my face because I feel like it protects that delicate skin a bit more while I use an acne focused face wash, which can be drying.

Obviously, my face isn't the only skin on my body that dries out during the winter. I've been showering at night after working out, so when I get out of the shower, I cover myself neck to toes with this handmade lotion I picked up in Waynesville, NC from Hazelwood Soap Co. They have such a great storefront, and it's family owned and operated. I also have their bath salts, which I love and I need another candle ASAP. Back to the lotion though, I love how soft and creamy it feels without being sticky or greasy. It soaks into my skin quickly and I love the Bounce smell.

 Items Shown..
Julep No Limits Hydrating Cream
Bag Balm
Origins Ginzing Eye Cream
Hazelwood Soap Co. Bounce Lotion
Estee Lauder Take it Away makeup remover
Sephora Lotus eye mask
Garnier Miracle Sleeping eye cream
Origins Drink Up Overnight Mask

Origins Ginzing Eye Cream | Julep No Limits Hydrating Cream | Bag Balm
After I wash my face at night, I've been applying the Julep No Limits luxe hydrating creme. Ah! This stuff is amazing. It's a jar, but instead of twisting the top off and having to stick your finger in the jar, it's actually sealed, you push a little button, and the creme squirts up through a little hole, from the pressure. I know, that was literally the worst explanation ever, but it's so cool! The cream is so nice and thick, I can feel it working as I blend it into my skin. For me, it's a nighttime only creme, but if my skin were even drier, I'd probably apply under my foundation too.

During the day, I use the ginzing eye cream from Origins before applying my makeup. And (not pictured) I also use the ginzing face moisturizer for the daytime too. I've used both of them for so long, I can't imagine finding anything else I like as much.

Lastly, I know this is a huge jar—10 ounces? Yep that's right. My lips get so dry during the winter. It doesn't matter how much water I drink. My lips chap. I found this several years back in a store in North Carolina. It was an extra cold fall and I was dying with a bad case of chapped lips. I picked a small can of Bag Balm up, and my life has forever been changed. I coat my lips and surrounding area every night and after I brush my teeth in the morning with Bag Balm and my lips are so much more moisturized. They will still feel a bit dry during the day and I'll add chapstick or something, but it's nowhere near what I used to deal with.

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