Feb 10, 2016

Galentine's Day Ideas

Valentine's Day. It's great when you're coupled up, but can be a drag if you're single. I've spent plenty on both sides of the fence, much like everyone else. During my single years, I've spent the day with family; we did a big dinner and exchanged valentines and we had a blast. I'm also a huge fan of Galentine's Day! To be honest, Galentine's Day is actually a lot of fun and I'm not even mad if a year rolls around and I get to spend the day with my gals.

Maybe you're in a relationship, but it's long distance, and Valentine's Day together isn't an option this year. Don't let it get you down. You've got girlfriends for a reason! I'm a firm believer in, "you make your situation whatever you want it to be." If you want to sit around at home, alone and stuff your face with a box of chocolates and a pint of ice cream while re-watching The Notebook for the fifth time that day—you do you. If you want to have a great time in a sea of red, pink, hearts and couples—grab your girlfriends and go!

Last year, four of us went to dinner at The House of Blues in Downtown Disney (now Disney Springs); we had a great dinner, plenty of wine, wore our red lipstick proudly, and then went to see 50 Shades of Grey. Honestly, what else were a group of single girls supposed to see at the theater on Valentine's Day 2015?

Galentine's Day Ideas

  1. Did someone say brunch and bottomless mimosas? The perk of Valentine's Day falling on Sunday this year, is that the next day is President's Day, and most offices and schools are closed. Imbibe a bit longer, extend your brunch another hour, and keep the belly laughs rolling. (I recommend Uber afterward.)
  2. Mani/Pedi Day with your besties! Make appointments to get your fingers and toes painted bright red while you sip on the complimentary wine or the Starbucks you picked up for your girls beforehand. (This is a great follow up to brunch.)
  3. Why stop at mani/pedis when you can make it a whole day at the spa. Who says you need to be a couple to enjoy a couple's massage?
  4. Never been skydiving? Take the leap of faith with some of your best girls to ring in Valentine's Day the right way. (Insert any adrenaline rush you prefer.)
  5. Winery in your area? Pack a picnic, enjoy the wine tastings, and then park somewhere warm to enjoy your picnic—maybe with a new favorite bottle of wine from the winery.
  6. Dinner and a movie is always a fail-safe. Avoid the super romantic restaurants. Taco joints or lively restaurants are perfect for Galentine's Day dinner. I suggest a Rocco's Tacos if you have one nearby, and order a pitcher of the jalapeño margaritas to share—you'll thank me later. Nicholas Sparks made it really easy on us girls to find a good movie this year for girls night out. Follow your tacos with The Choice because you know the only couples that are going to be in the theater are the ones where the female planned the Valentine's Date and didn't tell her significant other where they were going.
  7. All of the above! Have the entire day with your besties? Make a day of it!

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