Feb 12, 2016

What's In My Bag

I can't believe I've never done a What's in My Bag post before! If I can't sleep, I will literally watch videos on Youtube till I can fall asleep, and they are usually always girls going through their bags. Why is this entertaining? I have no idea! I like to see how other girls organize their purse, what's a necessity to them or something I never thought to carry around with me. So, that's what this post is all about! And yes, I cleaned out the fifty-two million receipts and random To Do lists that wound up in the bottom of my purse. Don't think that stuff wasn't taking up way too much space in my purse.

I tend to keep too much in my purse; my mom wonders how I even carry it around all day. The tote style purses are definitely my favorite because I can literally drop whatever I want/need and have plenty of room. This is also a bad thing because far too many unnecessary items never come out of my purse either.
Marc Jacobs Wallet | Aerie Save Zip Wallet (similar) | Ashley Brooke Designs Notebook | Sugar Paper Planner (similar) | Coach Sunglasses
I carry my Marc Jacobs tech wallet everywhere. It has enough spots for the necessity credit cards, a small zippered coin slot, a phone pocket and two places for cash. It's such a soft, beautiful merlot color. I can grab it out of my tote before I leave the house if I'm running a few quick errands or I can toss it in my tote and it doesn't weigh me down too much. I also love having a zippered coin purse floating around in my purse, so I can quickly stash my change somewhere and it doesn't bulk up my wallet. I found this one at Aerie during the holidays—one side says Spend and the other says Save. I also really like this Rebecca Minkoff Coin Purse for the same reason.

Sunglasses are a must here in Florida. I'm horrible about taking care of sunglasses, so I'll get the $50 Coach sunglasses from the outlet. They definitely last longer, but if I scratch or rough them up, I'm not crying over ruining $200 glasses. My car keys, gym pass and tic tacs are necessities—obviously.

I do always carry my planner and a notebook with me. I hate using iCal on my phone to schedule my life. It's so impersonal and boring. The only thing I use my phone for is reminders when I actually need something to ding and alert me. Otherwise, I write it down and check my planner for my scheduled times. A notebook is a necessity too. Whether I have to take a call in the car and write something down real quick or a random idea or to do list item pops in my head, if I don't write it down, I will forget it. So, a cute notebook is the fix.
Ashley Brooke Designs All the Things Notebook | Sugar Paper Planner | Cuyana Tote
Savannah Bee Co. Hand Lotion | OPI Big Apple Red Polish | Dior Creme de Rose | Target Pen 
The randoms in my purse? My heart rate guide for Moi Spin Class on Wednesday nights. I love this class! It's all based on targeted heart rate zones, so you're fully in charge of your ride and the energy you exert. The instructor tells you what % zone you need to be in, and it's your job to get yourself there by whatever means you can—mostly that means adding on additional tension, so you're really working hard during a seated or standing climb. Seriously y'all, I love this class! I also keep my lock for the gym in my purse, otherwise I'll lose it.

Hand lotion is necessary, I've been loving this one from the Savannah Bee Co. that I picked up while we were in Savannah. I don't know why, but I always, always have a nail polish in my purse. Mainly for those last minute manicure appointments—I like having a classic color on hand, so I don't have to decide on a color when I get to the salon. The hair-tie, brush and pen are a given necessity.

 Items Shown (linked if possible)
Cuyana Tote Caramel
Marc Jacobs Wallet
Ashley Brooke Designs All The Things Notebook
2016 Planner (similar)
Coin Purse (similar)
Coach Sunglasses
Savannah Bee Co. Hand Cream
OPI Big Apple Red polish
Creme de Rose lipbalm
Small Hairbrush
Vera Bradley Cosmetic Bag (similar)
Bite Beauty Lipstick Pomegranate
Urban Decay Lipstick Bang
Chanel Lipstick Dialogue
Marc Jacobs Lipstick Core Cora
Tarteist Lip Paint Adorbs
Tarteist Lip Paint Bae
Bare Minerals Lipgloss Punchy Melon
Cuyana Tote
Bite Beauty Pomegranate | Urban Decay Bang | Chanel Boy | Marc Jacobs Core Cora | Tarteist Adorbs | Tarteist Bae | Bare Minerals Punchy Melon

And here's where I get out of control—lipsticks in my purse. Why do I need seven lipsticks, and mainly all varying shades of red, in my purse?

That's what's in my bag, y'all! I dare you to go check your purses now and see how many lipsticks you're toting around. Please make me feel better, and someone comment that they had more than seven in their purse. I beg you!

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