Mar 11, 2016

Green Utility Jacket + New Balance Sneakers

We are seeing the first signs of spring, and honestly I couldn't be more in love with Florida than I am right now. My tune will change, come July and August. But for right now, my love affair is in full force. We spent the evening out at Disney this past Saturday, and had the best time. If you're a Florida resident in the Orlando area, and don't have a Disney pass, I'll be honest—you're definitely missing out. The payment plan option for the annual pass is amazing and super affordable. We love popping out for fireworks or a parade. We'll make fastpasses for a few rides and grab dinner. It's literally the best!

Lately, we've really started to take advantage of the different resorts on property. Each resort is so beautifully done, it's hard not to just wander around and stare at all the beauty. I think Grand Floridian might be my favorite of all. It's all the grandeur and beauty that is Florida. The garden areas are stunning, the lobby and sitting areas were built for Cinderella herself. To top it all off, it's prime real estate for Magic Kingdom fireworks without the crowd! Golden hour really makes the Grand Floridian sparkle!
We wandered around the resort, popped into the Basin White store upstairs, which I love, and then headed into Hollywood Studios for our dinner reservation at Mama Melrose's. It's one of our favorite park restaurants. We always have the best service. I mean all service at Disney is amazing, but Mama Melrose always seems to kick it up another notch.  By the time we made it back to the Grand Floridian, we were a few minutes ahead of the Magic Kingdom fireworks, so we hung around to catch those as well. I'll tell you, the view is prime for the fireworks.


See this Day-to-Night post for another way to style a green utility jacket.
This post is not sponsored by Disney World Resort or anyone else.
Simply my opinions based on having an annual pass I pay for myself.

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