Apr 4, 2016

Day-to-Day Organization

I tend to spend more hours away from the house than in it. So, a command central area at home just isn't as commanding as it should be. Growing up, my mom had a secretary desk, and it always housed envelopes, stamps, pens, highlighters—you name it, I could find it in that desk. It worked great for her. Me, however? I find myself remembering to send a card while I'm on the road or think of ten different things I need to do this week while sitting at my desk in the office. None of those locations, however, can act as a permanent command central because I bounce back and forth between working from home and the office each week, and if my car was command central—well, nothing would get done.

So, my command central now travels with me for the most part. Granted I don't carry everything with me, but I will keep a few blank note cards stuck in the pocket of my planner, and I always have stamps in that same pocket. For running to-do lists or random thoughts, I drop everything in my All the Things notebook from Ashley Brooke Designs.
The biggest lifesaver lately has been this password keeper notebook I picked up at Target. It has a section for work/business passwords, shopping sites, social media, and favorites sections. So, I can turn directly to the main category, and then find the username and password I need. Trust me, this beats having to reset my passwords all the time. This baby goes everywhere with me now!

I'm also currently in the process of getting a novel concept down on paper, and out of my head. I don't know how long it will be till it gets anywhere past the outlining and rough draft process, but it's a daily process to keep moving on the project. I'm the kind of writer that I need a piece of paper available at all times, just in case a good idea comes to me. So, I keep this notebook and pen with me every day. If I'm at a red light and something amazing comes to mind, I jot it down on a back piece of paper, so it doesn't interrupt the flow of my outlining process. Then, I can work the idea into the outline where it belongs when I get to that point of the story.
Legitimate meetings or calls I have to be present for, I utilize my iCal for reminders of these things, and only these things. Other than that, I hate how impersonal the phone calendar is—literally it's the most boring thing to use as an adult. Okay, maybe there are other boring things adults have to use, but phone calendars are definitely up there.

I keep all my budgeting information, weekly goals, monthly goals and schedule notes all in my Sugar Paper planner. If there's a certain image that needs to go up on social media at a particular time or whatever the case may be—blog wise—it's added into my physical planner too.

I also keep all important birthdays, anniversaries and events documented in my Sugar Paper planner, with notes one week before, to purchase necessary cards; that way I still have plenty of time to write a short note, address it, get it in the mail and have it arrive on time. This is why those stamps come in handy.

So, that's what I travel around town with on a daily basis, and it's really cut down on my oh, shoot moments when I've forgotten something.

My traveling command center consists of these items:
Sugar Paper Planner (similar)
Blank Notecards
(Why, Hello cards, shown above, are from Target Dollar Spot)
(shown above, found in the Target Dollar Spot)

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