Apr 18, 2016

Monthly 5 | April 2016

I am completely obsessed with this month, and wish it could be like this all the time in Florida. The weather has been perfect! I was in Boca Raton this weekend for my bestie's baby shower, and I couldn't get outdoors enough! The temperature never got above 80, there was a constant cool breeze, mostly sunny skies, low humidity—I mean seriously—it was perfection!

Perfection is also how I feel about this month's round up of my five favorite things. I'm not typically a "colorful" kind of girl. My closet is neutrals based, but life has inspired me, and I need all the color in my home.

Items Shown:
  1. My newest obsession is pineapples. I love them for home decor, on bags, as earrings, on shirts. Literally, I want pineapple everything. So, when I found this Pineapple Candle at Target, it wasn't even a second thought, and it was in my cart.
  2. I had been searching, for years, for something to hang above my bed. I mean like five or six years, and I could never find anything like I wanted. Then, I stumbled upon this watercolor Wall Art at Target (of course) and it's exactly what I had been holding out for this whole time. I love seeing it hanging over my bed, and so glad I waited all this time.
  3. I discovered Studio-404 through a local blogging group, and as soon as I saw this Let Love Grow print, I fell in love. It's perfect to add to a gallery wall or on the wall of your gardening shed, if you have a gardening shed. (I wish I was cool, and adult enough to have a gardening shed!) 
  4. Celebrate by Lauren Conrad. If there's one thing Lauren Conrad can do no wrong with—it's throwing a party. Seriously, she handmade several table arrangements for her own wedding. I knew I wanted to get party-throwing tips from the ultimate millennial hostess, so I pre-ordered this book, and it arrived on my doorstep on release day. I scoured the pictures and tips that first night, and it's a fantastic book. I highly, highly recommend if you have baby or bridal showers coming up or trying to plan your own wedding. LC packs a lot of information into this one book, and you'll love it.
  5. I cannot get enough Florida strawberries lately. My mom told me to mix Cool Whip with a bit of powdered sugar to add to my strawberry pile, and OMG I'll never look back. It's a semi-healthy dessert to satisfy a sweet tooth too!

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